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Sept. 13, 2021

How to Get Promoted?

Want to learn how to promote and advance in your career? In this episode, you’ll learn the tools and tips to advance in your career. Ready to listen? Click Play!  

Keep your job by doing these 10 things:

1.       Be on Time

2.       Be Prepared

3.       Produce Quality Work

4.       Give Your Best Effort

5.       Communicate Effectively 

6.       Bring a Positive Attitude

7.       Follow the Rules

8.       Be Passionate

9.       Go Above and Beyond

10.   Be Coachable

To get promoted, do these 6 things: 

1.       Learn how to do everything

2.       Don’t Call Off

3.       Innovate

4.       Provide Solutions 

5.       Request Feedback

6.       Express Interest in Growing 

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