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Hi everyone!

Jose Pulido here.

I’m the creator & host of The Job Hunter’s Toolbox, a podcast where I interview inspiring professionals from various industries to get you the inside scoop on their jobs (aka - what the job is actually like and how to land it).

You’re in the right place if:

  • You are trying to find the right career for you.
  • You have an idea of the career for you but would like to learn more about it.
  • This question torments you, “What I am going to do with my life?”

My goal is to help you with the above by introducing you to various careers and sharing the insider information that cannot be easily found online. The information you find here about each job will help you determine whether or not a particular career is for you. I believe the best people to talk to about a career are those that are already working in that career field. Their knowledge about the career is worth gold and it is my mission to share the wealth with you.